Discipline Rules & Procedures


Kids’ Club’s aim is to empower kids to reach their full potential through Jesus Christ. Part of that process involves providing clear expectations for kids and lovingly correcting them when they misbehave.

The following is the Kids’ Club discipline policy. In most cases, discipline can be handled by Mentors during Team Time. However, there are some instances that will require further intervention by Kids’ Club Directors. Please remember that in all discipline situations, we want to encourage students to make good choices and to take responsibility for his/her own behavior. We will encourage and discuss good Christian values when dealing with any discipline situation.

Note:  Kids’ Club has zero tolerance for hitting, kicking, or physical violence of any kind, regardless of “who starts it”. If a child puts their hands or feet on another child in any unloving way, they will be sent home from Kids’ Club immediately.

Discipline Steps: 

If a student does not comply with any of the following discipline steps, they will be sent to visit a Kids’ Club Director immediately.

Step 1:  Verbal Warning
A Verbal Warning is given to a student one time only to redirect a student and encourage a behavior change. Verbal warnings can be given when a student is off-task, being too loud, not following directions, etc.

Step 2:  Think Sheet
If a student’s undesired behavior continues after a Verbal Warning has been given, he/she must complete a “Think Sheet” and discuss behavior with the mentor. A copy of the “Think Sheet” will be sent home to parents and the original will remain in the student’s file.

Step 3:   Office / Call Home / Suspension
If a student’s poor behavior continues after Steps 1 & 2 have been completed, the student will  be sent to the office to call home to inform a parent of his/her behavior. The Director will inform the parent/guardian that if the child’s behavior continues, he/she will have to leave Kids’ Club for the remainder of the day. Upon completion of the phone call, the student will be sent back to his/her Team to complete the day’s activities. A student will be sent home for any behavior incident that occurs following his/her visit with the Director. If a student continues the misbehavior upon his/her return to Kids’ Club, after visiting with a Director, they will be sent home and will miss a full week of Kids’ Club.

Step 4:  Behavior Review
Any student who misses three days of Kids’ Club for behavior issues and/or accumulates three Think Sheets will be subject to a Behavior Review. The Behavior Review Team will consist of, but is not limited to, the student’s Team Mentor, classroom teacher, parent(s)/guardian, and Kids’ Club Directors. The Behavior Review Team will meet to discuss ways to assist the student with his/her individual behavior needs (i.e., behavior plan, further suspension from Kids’ Club, possible counseling, etc.).

It is our sincere prayer that most behavior issues can be handled easily by the student’s Team Mentor and Kids’ Club Directors. However, some behavior issues require professional intervention. In these cases, students and their families will be referred to other resources until the problem is resolved. In these cases, the student will be put on probation from Kids’ Club until such time that he/she can return.